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At O’Reilly Dental, we look to give you the smile you have always wanted by helping you achieve overall oral health.

With a wide range of dental services and use of the latest dental technology and equipment we promise to provide you with the best possible care.



Root canal therapy is a common dental procedure to treat the pulp of a tooth.  The pulp sits at the center of a tooth.  It is a collection of nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues.  Inflammation or infection of the pulp may require a root canal procedure.  This can be caused by decay, trauma, cracked teeth, or repeated dental procedures.  Symptoms of possible root canal therapy include: Severe toothache, severe pain upon biting, sensitivity to hot or cold, or an abscess on the gums. It is also possible that no symptoms will present themselves. In a root canal procedure the injured pulp is removed and the remaining canals are cleaned and sealed.  The procedure usually requires local anesthesia to avoid discomfort.  After the root canal is completed a final restoration will be needed to protect the tooth from further injury.  


Custom made athletic mouthguards are the ideal way to help protect your teeth if you participate in team sports or other activities with risks of injury to the teeth, jaw and oral soft tissues (mouth, lip, tongue, or inner lining of the cheeks). Custom athletic mouthguards are fit to each individuals mouth by taking an exact mold of the teeth, as this allows for optimum fit and comfort.



O’Reilly Dental in no way guarantees that our mouthguards will prevent a concussion. While we can ensure that your mouthguard is tightly fit to your teeth for maximum protection - mouthguards should ideally be replaced after each season because they can wear down over time, making them less effective. Be sure to check in with our doctors at your six-month dental check-up for questions or concerns about your mouthguard.

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